Thursday 19 March 2015

Review of "21 ways of Being Happy" by Shama Patel

Name of the Book - 21 ways of Being Happy
Author - Shama Patel
Publisher - Grapevine India

I love what I do because I get to connect with very interesting people and read great books. Shama contacted me to review her book some time ago and I jumped at the opportunity because I loved the fact that it was a self-help book and also that she wrote such lovely e-mails to me :). It’s great to know Shama and I live in the same city and we hope to meet up soon….will post the pictures of our meeting on Facebook when we do. Till then, Happy Reading. Stay Blessed!

Blurb -

Happiness is a state of mind.
Yes, It is.
It is not a condition or situation that is presented to some and kept away from others.
It is in our own hands to overcome guilt, self-pity, regret and anxiety to lead a fulfilling, happy life.
Shama Patel, a Professional Psychologist, enlists the ways and tricks to stay happy forever.

21 ways of Being Happy is written with the aim of bringing you closer to yourself.
It is a book that will help you charter the course of your life, your own way.

What I liked about the book -

I liked the cover, which is courtesy Chandni Dua. It exudes so much positive energy that you can’t help but smile even before you begin to turn the pages of this very interesting book. The book is well-written. The language is lucid and the quotes by famous people at the beginning of every chapter helps hold your attention and prepares you for the words of wisdom contained in every sentence in the book.

21 ways of Being Happy is a self-help book everyone should read! I mean it when I say “everyone” because this book has so much to offer in terms of getting to know oneself better! In a world where all of us are so busy trying to make ends meet or striving towards goals that we have set for ourselves, it is important to sit and ponder over the things the author mentions in her book.

Shama is not preachy when she tells us about the 21 ways in which we can attain happiness. Instead her experience as a psychologist is clearly evident in the examples she cites from her life as well as others to tell us that happiness is attainable and it is lurking around the corner and that all we have to do is reach out and catch it! With so much positive energy flowing from the book, I am sure that each reader will feel blessed as they turn the pages of this nicely-written book.

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