Saturday 28 March 2015

Interview with Dinesh Gupta author of "Kaise Chand Lafzon Men Saara Pyar Likhun."

This week I had the opportunity to interact with poet Dinesh Gupta, a software engineer who is passionate about poetry. Here he tells us about himself, his books, his idol and what it is that keeps him writing. 

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am Software Engineer by profession and a poet by passion.
 (Bheetar Ki Gehrai Aur Bahar Ki Tanhai Ne Shayar Bana Diya)

I am basically from Mandsaur, a district of Madhya Pradesh. I currently stay in Pune and am working as a manager in a Software Firm.

What are your other 2 books about?

My First book “Meri Aankhon Men Muhabbat Ke Manzar Hain” is a collection of Poems based on a variety of topics like Muhabbat, Deshprem, Dreams, Social imbalance, Corruption, Terrorism, Life etc. I believe in 2 aspects of love - one for your country and one for the one you love.

My Second Book “Jo Kuch Bhi Tha Darmiyaan” is a collection of articles that connect with Poetry. Similar to the first one, this is also based on random thoughts. I would say it’s a collection of Articlic-Poetry.

How is this book different from the other two?

My earlier books were collection of Poems on any random topics that happened in life or things that came into my mind.  In this Book I have tried to arrange the poems in a professional way. This book is a collection of poems based on only romance which is better suited to the market today.

How did you come up with this beautiful title – “Kaise Chand Lafzon Men Saara Pyar Likhun”?

Well, I belive in choosing creative titles  for all my books. This title came out from the first 4 lines of the title poem:

“Shabd Naye Chunkar Geet Vahi Har Baar Likhun main
Un Do Aankhon Men Apna Saara Sansaar Likhun main
Virah Ki Vedna Likhun Ya Milan Ki Jhankaar Likhun Main
Kaise Chand Lafzon Men Saara Pyar Likhun Main!”

Software Engineer and poet…When do you get time to write?

Lots of people ask this question and I just say: “Engineering IS My Profession but Poetry is My Passion. Shabd Meri Ragon Men Khoon Bankar Daudte Hain Aur Kavita Meri Nason Men Behti Hain.”

Well, honestly speaking, I hardly write using pen and paper. I am very attuned to things happening around me and when I get the right words to express them poetry comes out automatically. Like, one day I saw a poor kid begging at the train station and these 4 lines came to me -

“Sabki Rahon Men Nahin Hoti Hai Chadar Phulon Ki
Kisi Ki Takdir Hoti Hai Dagar Shulon Ki
Jindagi Kya Hoti Hai Jara Unse Pucho
Jinke Ghar Roj Jung Hoti Hai Bhuk Aur Usulon Ki !”

What or who inspired you to write this book?

I was inspired to publish my work after seeing the tremendous response I got from the readers on my Facebook posts and blog. My poems also got appreciated from many editors who belong to reputed magazines. All these things inspire me to write!

How long did it take you to finish it?

I think it took 1 year to finally have the book in my hand.

Who is your favorite poet and what is it that really strikes you about his/her work?

My Favorite poet is Dr. Kumar Vishwas who actually inspired me to write. I am inspired by the tales of his struggles, the tough decision he had to take and the mind-blowing poetry he writes using simple and touching words.

What is the best compliment you have received about your work?

Well, Almost everyone who got to know about my poems said its mind blowing, amazing, fantastic, touchy, tremendous and “you write so well” etc. I am glad to receive all these comments, but the biggest one I got was when few readers said “You are not less than Dr. Kumar Vishwas and you can be on same stage if your approach is good.” There is not better feeling than  someone comparing you to your idol.

What projects are you working on at the present?

Right now I am focusing on marketing of this book. Also these days I am actively performing in poetry events. I have not finalized anything for my next book yet.

How has your experience with the publisher been?

It was a nice experience. Aniket is very cooperative and transparent. Although he is new in this field and we are facing lots of issues related to the retail distribution of the books, but I found it was a nice decision to choose a new publisher rather than an established one since I was able to take charge of the marketing in my hand. There are lots of other issues with established publishers mostly transparency. Overall I think it was a good deal.

Anything that you would like to sgare with your readers -

“Meri Aankhon Men Muhabbat Ke Jo Manzar Hain
Tumhari Hi Cahton Ke Samandar Hain
Main Har Roj Cahta Hun Ki Tujhse ye Keh Dun Magar
Labon Tak Nahi Aata Jo Mere Dil Ke Andar Hai !”


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  1. That's a lovely and fab interview. Congrats to both of u:)

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