Monday 2 February 2015

"First Job and Ten Mistakes" by Uttam Kumar

Name of the Book - First Job and Ten Mistakes

Author - Uttam Kumar

Publisher - Become Shakespeare

Price - Rs. 95

Genre - Self-Help

Mr. Uttam Kumar and I got in touch through Twitter. He often retweeted and favorited my tweets and encouraged me as a writer. Little did I know that he himself was one! I came to know about his book at the beginning of this year and that is when I volunteered to review his book for him.  

About the Book

Made up of 43 pages, "First Job and Ten Mistakes" is a self-help book that talks about the common mistakes that people make in their first job. In this book Mr. Kumar has spoken about SpEaR Theory, Equity market, Credit cards, Loans, Career Planning and Goal Setting in such simple language that a layman will be able to understand as well as apply the knowledge gained with ease. To make things clearer he has even used real-life examples, which makes the reader realize that these problems are real and can be tackled with proper financial planning! In his book, Mr. Kumar has also provided pages on which the reader can set his/her  own Short Term and Long term Career and Financial goals. This is great as he/she will be able to write down his/her goals while reading the book and refer to them later to see if they have been met!

Personally, I feel that this book is a must for everyone who has just got their first job and wants to plan for the future. Since Mr. Kumar has helped many people tackle this issue he is well-versed with the problems that young people face!

With financial freedom comes great responsibility and it is important that a person understands all this before he/she falls into the vicious cycle of loans which never ends!

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  1. Nicely reviewed. Sounds like an interesting book to guide us through work on how to make it like play:)