Friday 16 January 2015

Guest Post - Mr. Uttam Kumar author of "First Job and Ten Mistakes."

Mr. Uttam Kumar is the author of – First Job and Ten Mistakes. This is his first published work. Read on to know more about him and his book.

About the Book:

The book highlights the common mistakes a Beginner must avoid in one’s career. It is useful for anyone in a new job or in the first 5 years of a job. Written in a simple and easy to understand language, the reader connects easily to the topics. Examples are quoted from real life. Solutions are easy and doable. It is a must read for the one who has already made wrong financial decisions and has created a financial mess for self. It also highlights the side effects of opening economy and easy access to credit.


Credit Cards are your advance Salary and not additional Salary.
Avoid SpEaR, adopt ESS.
Loan for Loan is Suicidal.

About the Author:

Uttam Kumar - More of a Human Being and nothing else, with a soft heart that empathizes and beats for underprivileged and ignored sections of society. Runs an NGO “Straight From Heart.”

Living in: Goa

First Book: First Job and Ten Mistakes

Inspiration: The Story of “My Experiments with Truth” by Mahatma Gandhi: This is my philosophy of life, my Religion.

Loves: Anyone who works to make the world safer and livable for “All Humans irrespective of anything and everything.”

Hates: None

Dream: A society where when I have my dinner, I am sure none of my fellow human is being forced to sleep with an empty stomach, where when I sleep on the bed, I am sure none of my fellow human being is being forced to sleep under stars and when I get up, I am sure none of my fellow human is dying because of lack of medical attention!

Motto: As of my NGO: One Life, One World, One Change!
Happiness: Smile on the face of others!

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