Monday 8 September 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

Book - The Fault in Our Stars    
Author - John Green
Publisher - Penguin

I always wanted to watch the movie, “The Fault in Our Stars.” Friends and relatives said it was good, the reviews on the Internet were great, but strangely I never got around to watching it. Well! In my case, I guess I was just destined to read the book! (Yes, I do believe in destinyJ.) Unlike most of the books I have written reviews about, I never bought this book. A friend who knows that I love reading gave me this book (bless his soul) one fine morning and I can’t thank him enough for this wonderful gesture!

Unlike most of the other books I have read this one took me longer to finish because I was busy with chores (maids missing because of Ganpati Puja), but then I was able to understand the characters better because of this. Every time I put the book down and was busy with chores I was left wondering how Hazel, Augustus, Issac or their family members felt in the given situation, how they coped with reality and what gave them this strength.

Life is short we always say, but this novel by John Greene makes you sit up and wonder if you really know the meaning of the phrase! It’s sad when old people leave this Earth to inhabit the one above, but when the young go it’s so much more painful and this is what the novel is about, a fact that we like to forget – death! Inevitable though it is, this word frightens me as it is so permanent, irreversible and painful. John Greene in this novel shows the reality that people with cancer face and yet, he brings in so much positivity while telling the tale that your mind marvels at the strength that the protagonists display and looks at the beauty of the present rather than the sadness and pain of the future. Two strong characters, Hazel and Augustus Waters lead us through the novel. They take us on the roller-coaster ride (as mentioned in the novel) with them as we learn about their past and live with them in the present and future.

Why I liked the novel -

By the time I reached the end of the book I was already sobbing. It was not only the end that caused this reaction; it was also that the book reminded me of my friend who lost his battle with cancer a few years ago. I never knew he had gone till I visited his Facebook page and read all the messages there. This episode along with my father’s demise a few years ago introduced me to death, a fact that I always disregarded because I thought people I love would never leave me. I know how wrong I was in thinking that!

I am very particular about the books I read and that is reason I write about each book so passionately. I do not believe in revealing the story because for me a book is like a treasure map which I open to follow the path that leads to the treasure. Each review is my interpretation of the novel! Read “The Fault in Our Stars” only if you want to understand the trials and tribulations of a patient with cancer and how they do not like being pitied. Of course be ready to shed a few tears as you turn the pages of this lovely novel that talks about reality!

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  1. Loove the review which is so well written, Rachna:)

  2. Thanks for the compliment...Still learning Vishal!