Tuesday 23 September 2014

Adultery by Paula Coelho

Name of the Book - Adultery
Author - Paulo Coelho
Publisher – Random House India

- "Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you are."

Reading “Adultery” was on my list of “books to read” this month. Unfortunately, I got so busy with unimportant things that I did not have the time to even go online to buy this book written by my favorite author 
Paula Coelho. Well! I did not have to worry about it as a dear friend of mine ordered it online and gifted it to me (Thanks a ton!)J! Adultery opened up a whole new world for me. Being a die-hard Paula Coelho fan, as I read each line I tried to understand the deeper meaning that the author had woven into them.

This book is about a woman in her thirties, who like a lot of other women, begins to question her life, her existence. She has everything anyone could possibly ask for; a home, a husband, a good job and children and yet she goes on a journey where she discovers herself and the true meaning of “Love.” Yes, this novel explores the meaning of a 4 letter word that we all think we understand. In the novel, the protagonist reveals her inner self, she fights with the demons in her life, she surrenders, she falls and then she rises higher than ever before.

What I loved about the Novel -

Adultery is real! What I mean to say that the book reveals so many things about each of us that it is frightening. As humans living in a society with so many rules and regulations it is difficult to expose the “real” person. The fear of being rejected and ridiculed, keep us from being who we are; we conform to standards, we live lives that kill us daily and yet we brush our feelings under the carpet, not realizing that eventually those unsaid words turn into demons that haunt us later.

I admire the way the author uses examples from Greek Mythology, Stories and symbolism to represent the feelings that the woman is going through. These examples add to the essence of the novel and make the story more real. It connects to each soul that spends hours poring over the words in the book. This novel like most of his other books help you fight your own demons - they tell you the struggles that other people face and then leave the decision to you. After all, you have to live with yourself!

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  2. Thank you for reading the review! I will certainly read yours in order to understand your interpretation of the wonderful book.. Have a great day!

  3. Paulo Coelho is na fav, too and I wan a read dis one, too:)

  4. Justice to the book.. perfectly written.