Friday 11 September 2015

Review: The Solitary Shores by Preeth Nambiar

“Preeth Nambiar is a poet who delves deep into his consciousness to evoke the words that bring images to life.”

Good poems are hard to come by and I am privileged that Mr. Preeth Nambiar chose me to review his second book, titled “The Solitary Shores” because of which I had the opportunity to read such intense, gripping and lovely poems.

To begin with I loved the images, especially the one he has used as the book cover. It’s as if the carriage is waiting for the reader to climb aboard so that it can take him/her on a long journey through hills and valleys and together discover the beauty of nature and appreciate the work of the divine.

I enjoyed reading all the poems, but a few of them just refuse to leave my side -

It Is Raining My Dear

This poem spoke to me in ways I cannot comprehend. The sound of the rains, the sight of the rusted grills and the poet looking out into the horizon, hoping that the words would come and he could complete the poem he was asked to write. The use of imagery is superb! While reading the poem, I could not stop the tears from flowing.

Letter to my Father

“Be the moonlight in this darkness that takes me from the depth of madness, sing a lullaby when the nightmares shake me up!” This poem has the power to take you to another world, to bring back memories of yester years. Readers may interpret the poem in many ways, but to me it symbolized the love of a father; unselfish, forgiving and tender!

The Fragrance of Life

Life is made up of different hues and fragrances and that is very spoken about very deeply in this poem. As I sat reading this one, I could feel the pain evident in the lines. As I went from one line to another I was left with a feeling of dread. I could feel the sandalwood burning and its fragrance spreading through the air.Touching and deep!!

All the poems in this book are mesmerizing. They oscillate between life and death, which are both very difficult topics to write about. Preeth Nambiar has the gift of using his pen to evoke images that are real and painful, but in a certain mysterious way. As you read these poems you cannot help, but question your existence and in turn understand your purpose on Earth better!

About the Author -

Journalist, litterateur and humanitarian, Preeth Nambiar hails from the northern part of Indian state, Kerala in the southwest region of India on the Malabar Coast. Born in an ancient aristocratic family that carried the rich cultural heritage of Southern India, his works reflect greatly the rudiments of music, arts and devoutness that were acquired from the very atmosphere of early childhood and the later life of journeys across the virgin lands of India and abroad prepared him for a broader perspective of universal existence that has a great role in defining his poetry and other works. 

He is renowned for the eloquence in narration and for the meditative tunes in his works whereas the elements of mysticism confer him the position of one of the most significant contemporary mystic poets in the tradition of the greatest Indian Mystics. He was awarded with prestigious Yayati Madan G Gandhi International Award for Poetry in 2014 and his works are being broadcasted by Celestial Radio, London, UK and are being showcased in many international publications. He is also an ardent photographer who absorbs the myriad moods of the nature through the lens.

After serving the University of Cambridge international Examinations in the Maldives as the head of the Department of ESOL, he is presently living in India contributing greatly to media and literature.

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The Solitary Shores (First Edition, 2015) (Hardcover)
The Solitary Shores [Kindle Edition]
Global Fraternity of Poets Book Store


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