Thursday 16 April 2015

Review of "When Only Love Remains" by Durjoy Dutta

Name of the Book - When Only Love Remains
Author - Durjoy Dutta
Publishers - Penguin Books India
Price - 175


I’ve always imagined this in my head so many times.

I have always thought about what I would say; what I would do; and how it would all turn out to be.

And everytime I would remove some detail…

She is a flight attendant - Young, bright and living her dreams. He is a heartbroken singer on his way to becoming big.

She’s an ardent fan of his. He can’t imagine why and yet seems to find comfort in her words.

It’s the first time they are together and in their hearts both are wishing, hoping and praying that the night never ends. That the time they are spending together lasts and lasts…

In the world of imperfection, there is always someone just right for you.

My Verdict …

For the last few months, I have been reading a lot. The books that I have read have ranged from fiction to non-fiction and covered topics from romance, self-help and war etc. Last week while browsing through the vast collection of books in Crossword, I chanced up Durjoy Dutta’s book “When only love remains” and I decided to buy it. There were three reasons I did so - First, I liked the cover - Simple and classy! Second, it had been a long time since I had read a simple, mushy love story and Third, I wanted to know what made Durjoy Dutta a best-selling author. Well! I am happy I picked up the book!

When I first began reading the book, I wasn’t sure where the author was taking the story. Half way through, I waited for the twist and when it came I was happy it did. I liked the simple story-telling way employed by the author; no big words, no fancy language, no long sentences…just short and sweet lines. I may be a little biased here, but the fact that Devrat, the protagonist is from Kolkata, a place very close to my heart that the book started appealing to me even more.

Love is selfless and this book proclaims that aloud. In a world where everything is based on materialistic things, this book comes as a breath of fresh air. I like the fact that Devrat follows his heart, that Avanti is depicted as a chatterbox, fashion conscious girl who is very much in love, that her father is trying to make amends for the past and that Devrat’s parents support his decision. The end makes you sit up and believe that love does have the power to make things right. All in all, this book is a simple, well-woven heart-wrenching love story told by a young author who knows how to write.

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