Monday 11 August 2014

Interview with Mr. Vijay Thakkar (Author)

What Doctors Think of Other than Medicine and Sex 
What Lawyers Think of Other than law and Sex 
Publisher - Partridge Penguin 
Available on - Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Flipkart

Mr. Vijay Thakkar, the author of "What Doctors Think of Other than Medicine and Sex" and "What Lawyers Think of Other than law and Sex"and I met on Facebook. Well! Both of us were publishing with the same publishing house and that is when I decided it would be nice to connect with someone else who was just as anxious as me…first book jitters! He was nice enough to respond and then began the long discussions about our books and how to market them. We met in “Coffee House” one evening and the conversation just flowed from family, careers, hobbies and books. All I can say that he is an honest, cheerful and a happy go lucky man and I wish him all the best for his future ventures. Below are some of the questions I put to him, some about his life, his plans and himself. The answers were prompt and revealed much about him as an individual. Read on..

What is your full name/age?
Vijay Thakkar/ 55

What are your books about?
My books are about my unique way of critically looking at these professionals - Lawyers and Doctors from my unique point of view, which is critical, honest, say it as it is way. I believe in calling a spade a spade, but in a straight and pleasant way without any malice. My sometimes wicked, but a very pleasant sense of humor is what I have presented in my books. The highlight being my dig at not just the subject of my book, the professional, but also the reader. I am sure that those with the remotest sense of humor and those who love an open, hearty laugh will love my books. I am now working on Architects and Politicians from that same and uniquely critical point of view.

How would you best describe yourself?
Honest, Happy, Cheerful and Curious.

Your favorite song/musician
Song : Aise To Na Dekho, Ke Hum Ko Nasha Ho Jaaye...
Singer : Mohd Rafi / Lata Mangeshkar
Musicians : S D Burman, Laxmikant Pyarelal, Naushad.

A one-liner that you often use
Be yourself man.....

Your favorite travel destination and why
Mahabaleshwar/ Paanchgani.
Easy access, conveniently reachable and affordable.

A memorable experience
Parachuting in Hong Kong. Was fun and full of thrill
Para gliding in Shimla.

What inspired you to write these two books?
I wanted to express myself and give readers a reason to laugh and smile, of course taking into consideration that they appreciate wicked humor!

What has been your greatest achievement in life?
I have always lived life on my own terms – I was rewarded when I took the right decisions, and paid a penalty when wrong.

Are you planning to take up writing as a full time career? What are your future plans?
I will write as and when I want to. Future plans - None. I am happy here and now!  

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